International Forum of Cities of the Future

Urban planning, waste management, water, energy efficiency, urban mobility, and so many other topical issues unquestionably remain at the heart of the changes in society.
The considerable growth of cities, the development of energy strategy, the optimal management of water and the development of infrastructure, are of great interest on the social and economic front.

The 16th International water Equipment, Technology and Services Exhibition, SIEE-Pollutec’2020, to be held from 2 to 5 November 2020 in Oran, will host the International Forum of the Cities of the Future (IFCF).

A meeting point between cities, the event will be an opportunity for governments, companies, entrepreneurs and research centers to exchange on issues, present projects and find new solutions. This first professional event in the sustainable management of cities will provide decision makers, including Walis (governors), Mayors, Town councilors, Utility General Managers and Technical Services Managers with concrete answers to the problems they encounter when performing their daily missions.

Objectives of the Forum